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Welcome to wcaba.orgWilliamson County Area Beekeepers Association

Welcome to WCABA

The Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association provides area beekeepers with the opportunity to share information with other hobby or commercial beekeepers. The association also promotes the benefits of bees and beekeeping for the local community whether you are involved in backyard gardening or large scale agricultural operations. We also sponsor youth scholarships to foster interest and develop future beekeepers.

Our next meeting is on Thursday April 28th, 2016

Beekeeping Classes

101: "The Growing Hive" by Laura Colburn

201: "Treatments for Pests and Diseases" by Randy Oakley

Program Speaker: Becky Bender

Becky Bender is an R.N. with a Masters degree in Science. She's a Texas Master Naturalist and has been a Hobby Beekeeper for 8 years. Becky contributes "The Buds and the Bees" column for the Texas Beekeeping Journal and recently worked with a team of Texas beekeepers to help develop Bee Happy Seed Mix available through TBA and Native American Seed.

Her topic for the meeting will be"Beescapes: Nectar and Pollen Plants for Honeybees".

This program uses honeybee biology and foraging habits as the foundation for choosing plants for gardens, landscapes and rural land. You'll discover how the science of pollen analysis provides clues to plants our bees favor and habitat worth conserving. The focus is on using a diversity of Texas native and well-adapted plants to provide attractive, ecologically-responsible bee forage.

Please feel free to browse our website or just start by checking out the current edition of our on-line newsletter. When you have finished browsing our website, we hope you will be encouraged to visit us at one of our monthly meetings.