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Williamson County Area  Beekeepers Association

What to learn more about beekeeping?

Interested in becoming a beekeeper?

Read our monthly newsletter, click through our website. Join our monthly meetings, see dates/times and links below.  All are welcome. 

We are focused on supporting "new" and established beekeepers and on increasing beekeeping knowledge and participation in the community.

Have questions? Let us hear from you. Contact us.



The Georgetown Public Library meeting rooms are in more demand this
year. Due to room availability, some of our meetings will be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month instead of our usual 4th Tuesdays. Additionally, some months only the main meeting room (the Hewlitt) is available, so we'll have a combined session. We'll break out into 101 and 201 sessions when a second meeting room is available. The meeting times will remain at 7 pm.  

Here are the meeting dates that we've secured for our meetings thus far in 2023:
June 28: Hewlett and Classrooms at the Library
July through November: dates to be determined once the Library allows booking.

Please mark your calendar accordingly so you don’t miss any club meetings.

We look forward to seeing you at the Georgetown Library - Hewlett Rm,
402 W 8th Street Georgetown 78626. 


Zoom Option:

 Click the Zoom meeting link below if you cannot attend the live meetings.

Meeting ID: 824 7506 8933 Passcode: 909659

*If you are planning to join from an iPhone or iPad, be sure to download this application first: cloud-meetings/id546505307

Read our monthly Newsletter to find out more.

Do some research NOW, and plan to plant perennials
...that bees love!


Native and Adapted Landscape Plants for Central Texas
Download PDF and read through this really handy booklet with a list of trees, shrubs, perennials, yuccas/succulents, prairie grasses, vines, groundcovers, and turfgrasses along with their potential size and growing requirements. You will need to research nursery availability for these plants, most are draught tolerant and they have all proven to be successful in Central Texas!

Learn more about bees!

Monthly Checklists

Monthly Beekeeping suggestions

by Phil Ainslie. Take a look!   
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Monthly Newsletter

To know more about our organization, please read our Monthly Newsletter! 

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or landowners who would like you to park your bees on their land?
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