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Join us for an informal gathering for our next Bee Buzz! We are trying to offer these gatherings more often than not! Come and meet fellow beekeepers, "newbees", talk bees and have *dinner or snacks. 


DEC. 1st at Rudy's in Roundrock. Meet at 2 pm.


*We like to patronized those establishments that support our get togethers.


Scholarship Recipients

Wolf – Bost Scholarship Selections Made for 2020

   The Ed Wolf – Robert Bost Memorial Scholarship Committee met on Tuesday March 10th at the Georgetown Library to evaluate the applications received from the candidates for the current year scholarships.

   Seven committee members were present for deliberations with three submitting evaluations electronically to add scores for the matrix as we worked to achieve a conscience in the judging. Three new candidates applied for this year, and there was one candidate applying for a second time for acceptance. After evaluation, all four candidates were deemed acceptable and resources allowed all four to be granted a scholarship. 

   We regret that we will not have a club meeting at the Library in March because of health concerns but we do want to introduce you to these hopeful new beekeepers.                 

Taken alphabetically they are:

  Emily Griffis, 13 years old from Granger, Texas, has a great desire to learn much more about bees, beekeeping, and products of the hive. She is homeschooled, has very supportive patents, and four siblings that will be learning as a result of her involvement in the program.

  Aydon Guevara from Cameron, Texas, is 16 years old and has brothers and sisters in his family. He wants to learn first-hand and feels “hands on” is the best way. His family plan a large garden that will benefit from having bees around. He hopes to start a bee business.

  Sterling Kinghorn does not discourage easily as has applied for the scholarship a second time successfully. He is 12 years old and lives in Round Rock but is moving to Florence soon. He has already mastered many of the skills for beekeeping from monitoring the scholarship program this past year, but he wants to learn and do more.

  Garrett Rogers is 13 years old and lives in Temple and is in the 7th grade in middle school. He has beekeeping roots because his older brother was a scholarship recipient and his grandfather is a beekeeper too. He is ready to get started and has much support from his family.

   We plan to meet at the Bost Farm at the appointed time in March in a small group and take care of distribution and assembly of beekeeping equipment in preparation to receive the bees for their hive in April. They will be keeping their hive and receiving instruction at the Heritage Garden in Georgetown.

   Encourage these youngsters when you do get a chance to meet them.

   Thanks, Jimmie Oakley – Scholarship Committee Chair

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