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Texas Honey Bee Education Association - NewBee Brochure

Read the NewBee-Brochure-2018 PDF
If you are new to beekeeping or are interested in becoming a beekeeper read this article (PDF) produced by the Texas Honey Bee Education Association and Texas Beekeepers Association. Print out  the PDF! It has a "Monthly Timeline", telling what to anticipate and what to do each month as you plan the care of your bees.

To know more about beekeeping, ASAP attend one of our monthly meetings and read our monthly newsletter. Meet other beekeepers, ask questions!
We are glad to help!

Getting Started Videos and Links 

*A list of some useful beekeeping videos produced by the Bee Research Center at the University of Guelph, Canada. 


Other helpful videos and links: 


Beekeeping supplies products - MANNLAKE


Classes: Local Beekeeping Classes,

Bees and Queens are available to order through WCABA beginning in November for March or April pickup locally. Find out more at monthly meetings.

Bees and Queens are also available to order through this Texas resource:

The Beekeeping Resource Guide 

Catching Swarms and Removing Bees

Hive Inspection - Basics Steps (Dadent Video)

*These resources are provided as a service and a source of additional information. The WCABA assumes no responsibility for these links. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Where can I learn more about bees and beekeeping?

Information about bees and beekeeping can be found at your local library but we believe you will find the best beekeeping information by attending our club meetings.

Is beekeeping something I can do in a subdivision?

Many of our members live in subdivisions in Round Rock, Georgetown, and similar areas.

How do I get started in beekeeping?

While we would never discourage a do-it-yourself approach, you will find it easier to get started and succeed by working with experienced beekeepers. You will find our club members to be very helpful and informative.

Is beekeeping appropriate for my older children?

Yes it is. In fact, the WCABA has a scholarship program that encourages children in or near teen age to get involved in beekeeping. If a member of your family has the potential for an alergic reaction to insect stings, we recommend additional research into beekeeping before starting a colony.

How can I get bees removed from my home or a building on my property?

Contact WCABA's Jim Colbert at 512-863-7183 or the county extension office to access a "swarm list" of beekeepers who are willing and qualified for many jobs like this. In some cases, a professional exterminator may be required.

Library Resources

Sharing knowledge and information is one of the benefits of being a club member.

Our librarian maintains a wide variety of materials that can be checked out by members.

A list of all of the books in our library can be found in the WCABA library online through Librarika. 

Members may reserve resources by visiting  Librarika: WCABA Library   Instructions are under the book library drop down at the top menue.   

USDA Research

This provides a list of USDA related resources for research information related to beekeeping and honey production.

USDA ARS Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Research Unit 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Beekeeping Research

USDA Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory 

Beltsville, Maryland - Beekeeping Research

USDA Carl Hayden Bee Research Center 

Tucson, Arizona - Related resources for research information on beekeeping and honey production.

Other Organizations

This provides a list of various organizations with useful research information related to beekeeping and honey production.

United States

American Apitherapy Society 
Mrs. Linda Day, Office Coordinator 

5370 Carmel Rd., Hillsboro, OH 45133

Ph. 937-466-9214, Fax 937-466-9215 



National Honey Board

390 Lashley St., Longmont, CO 80501-6045 

Phone: (303) 776-2337, Fax: (303) 776-1177 




Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 101, I-00186 Roma - Italy 

Phone & Fax: +39-6-6852286 



International Bee Research Association

18 North Road, Cardiff CF1 3DY, UK 

Phone: (+44) 1222 372409, Fax: (+44) 1222 665522 



The Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association's mission is to promote beekeeping in Williamson County and surrounding areas. The WCABA mission is also to act on behalf of the beekeepers and the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the beekeeping industry.

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