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Club Officers - 2021

President: Shannon Montez

Vice-President: Gillian Mattinson

Secretary: Phil Ainslie
(Past President)


Treasurer: Barbi Rose

Membership: Shirley Doggett


Program: Linda Russell


Newsletter: Jimmie Oakley

Historian: Matt Ludlum

Librarian: Chris Huck

Member at Large: Melissa Henry

Member at Large: Gary Bible


Refreshments: Lisa Hoekstra


Scholarship Chair: Jimmie Oakley

Queen Chair: Ginny Stubblefield

Website: Rachel Glass

Clic "contact us" on home page to email a WCABA officer.  Be sure to indicate who you wish to email your message to. 


2019 WCABA Elected Officers.JPG

Club Officers: Barbi Rose, Gillian Mattinson, Matt Ludlum, Chris Doggett,
Phil Ainslie, Shannon Montez

WCABA Lifetime  Members

Lifetime members are selected by the Executive Committee for their tireless efforts to achieve the mission of WCABA.

Mary Bost (deceased) 

Jimmy Oakley, 2019

Chris and Shirley Doggett, 2019

Ginny Stubblefield, 2019

Phil Ainslie, 2020

Travis and Maureen Lane, 2020

 Gary Bible, 2022

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