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Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives? Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?

Cattle in Pasture

Posted 1/23

Lucy Guerrero is looking for someone to place bees on her property.

Water is available (Bear Creek)

Plenty of mesquite and wildflowers.

Easy Access

Liberty Hill Area, 12 acres.

Landowner looking for beekeepers


 I live in Walburg and would love to have some beekeepers put some hives on my property. I have 16 acres, 2 wet weather creeks, a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, and more.

Posted 6/23


For Sale

      Supplies for sale:

 All items are in good used condition.  (1) live hive with two deep 8-frame boxes on a screened base $375 (1) hive stand (room for at least 3 hives) $50 (2) very clean bee suits with veils (size Med): Provent $75, Cotton/poly $50 (1) very clean vest with veil $20 (2) 8-frame deep boxes with used frames (some new, with built out comb) $40 each (3) 8-frame medium boxes with used frames (most with built out comb) $35 each (1) smoker $20 (2) top feeders $10 each Multiple hive components and tools like bases, covers, metal queen excluders, entrance guards, 2 Beekeeping Dummies books ($5-$10 each). Prices are OBO.  Reach out to me via Facebook. Thanks, Kurt Kurtin


Bees for Sale: Complete hives

Single Deeps $350

Medium Singles: $350

Nuc Hives $265

   Uses only organic miticides. Will help set up and inspect for a small fee. $100 deposit per hive is non-refundable.


Honey Extraction Service


I will do your extractions. I have a “honey house” that is 16’x24 that I use for extractions and equipment storage. The extraction room is about 8’x15’ area with a hand sink, 3 compartment sink, stainless steal table, stand up freezer, and a motorized 3 frame centrifugal. I charge $2.50 per frame.  Minimum 10 frames BYOB (bring your own bucket).  I keep the uncapped wax.   The frames must be pulled and provided to me within 48 hrs so I do not have to deal with wax moth larvae. I have the options to strain with either 600, 400, or 200 gauge screen.  Jessica

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