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Posted 10/21

Micah C Semmelmann



Land available for bee hives


I would like to partner with someone to offer land for 5-6 active hives. Can someone contact me if interested? 512-507-5577. 5 acres off of 1431/Sam Bass area. Can someone add this to the classifieds page please?

Posted 11/21

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Name: Dama Hamrick


Subject: Bee Hives for Ag Exemption

Message: Hi, We have purchased 12 acres in Miller Creek Ranch in Briggs, TX. There are over 50 lots that vary from 12 - 60 acres. We all want to help bring the bees back. We will have several Texas native wildflowers each spring and summer and are also willing to plant more.

Several of us are interested in leasing our land for bee hives. The lease would be for a minimal amount ($1.00) to the bee keepers in return for the ag exemption and maybe a jar of honey here and there.

Posted 12/21

Name: Jeff Coombes


Subject: Help Finding a Beekeeper

Message: Hello, I hoping you could help me find a beekeeper to would be willing to setup hives on my property for an Ag exemption. I have 12 acres near Georgetown and I already have all the equipment. Thanks! Jeff 512-848-2233

There is water nearby and it’s outside of the city limits. It’s undeveloped land with lots and lots of wild flowers. I also have a peach tree orchard that I’m hoping the bees will help with.

Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives? Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?

Cattle in Pasture

For Sale

Bees for Sale: Complete hives

Single Deeps $350

Medium Singles: $350

Nuc Hives $265

Uses only organic miticides. Will help set up and inspect for a small fee. $100 deposit per hive is non-refundable.