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Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives? Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?

Cattle in Pasture

Landowner looking for beekeepers


 I live in Walburg and would love to have some beekeepers put some hives on my property. I have 16 acres, 2 wet weather creeks, a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, and more.

Posted 6/23


For Sale

      Supplies for sale:

Name: Robert McCammon


Subject: Bees and stuff for sale

Message: I have 3 survivor hives with 2 deeps and super. A few months ago the supers had honey but not sure after the drought. I also have a number of deeps and supers with frames along with top and bottom boards. I have a oxacilic acid gasifirer and hobby extractor. Smoker, ariated pollinators jacket and small gloves. I'd like it to go as a set. Posted 8/3/23



Bees for Sale: Complete hives

Single Deeps $350

Medium Singles: $350

Nuc Hives $265

   Uses only organic miticides. Will help set up and inspect for a small fee. $100 deposit per hive is non-refundable.


Honey Extraction Service


I will do your extractions. I have a “honey house” that is 16’x24 that I use for extractions and equipment storage. The extraction room is about 8’x15’ area with a hand sink, 3 compartment sink, stainless steal table, stand up freezer, and a motorized 3 frame centrifugal. I charge $2.50 per frame.  Minimum 10 frames BYOB (bring your own bucket).  I keep the uncapped wax.   The frames must be pulled and provided to me within 48 hrs so I do not have to deal with wax moth larvae. I have the options to strain with either 600, 400, or 200 gauge screen.  Jessica

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