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Posted 4/22

501 CR 224, Florence TX 78625  There is a pond on the property that had previously been used for grazing cattle, but it does not always hold water. We just had a well installed so we can also provide a water source. The property has trees lining the entire front and back property lines and between is pasture. Contact Lindsay Harmon.

Posted 6/22

We live in Round Rock.  We are looking for a beekeeper willing to put a hive on our property? We do live in a residential neighborhood, however, we have a little peninsula that is separated from our yard by a little pond, that we are hoping would be able to sustain a small hive. We would like to help with bees in the neighborhood, as we also have a vegetable garden. But we would not be able to care for the hive and so we were hoping there would be someone who would be willing to put a hive there and care for it just so that we can have the bees for pollination?  Karen Hunt

Posted 8/22

We would like to have a beekeeping place bees on our property. We are not far from the North San Gabrial river as well. Address 710 Cole Drive, Liberty Hill. As far as plants, just what is wild in that area for now. We plan to have fairly extensive gardens and have a reasonable size plot of Lavender. We would like bees for both the ag exemption and all the benefits to having nearby bees for honey and all the good things bees do for our environment. In addition we are constructing a 0.7 acre pond.. Thad Gillespie, .   Thank you


Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives? Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?

Cattle in Pasture

For Sale

Bees for Sale: Complete hives

Single Deeps $350

Medium Singles: $350

Nuc Hives $265

   Uses only organic miticides. Will help set up and inspect for a small fee. $100 deposit per hive is non-refundable.


Honey Extraction Service


I will for your extractions. I have a “honey house” that is 16’x24 that I use for extractions and equipment storage. The extraction room is about 8’x15’ area with a hand sink, 3 compartment sink, stainless steal table, stand up freezer, and a motorized 3 frame centrifugal. I charge $2.50 per frame.  Minimum 10 frames BYOB (bring your own bucket).  I keep the uncapped wax.   The frames must be pulled and provided to me within 48 hrs so I do not have to deal with wax moth larvae. I have the options to strain with either 600, 400, or 200 gauge screen.  Jessica

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