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Scholarships to Learn Beekeeping

Scholarship Awards for 34 years and 148 Scholarships
See the list of past Scholarship Award Winners below.


The WCABA offers scholarships to local youth to help them learn the time-honored beekeeping business. Scholarship recipients will be provided bee hives in a designated location for a "hands-on" experience learning about bees. They will learn beekeeper best practices and address the issues of caring for bees and producing honey. The goal is to complete this program with life skills that help them achieve success and continue learning and growing as they move forward! Scholarship awards are given annually to "further the apiculture sciences."

This award is presented to school-age students living in the area served by WCABA. The award consists of a beehive with bees and beginner's equipment necessary to get started in the beekeeping project. The recipient will be expected to keep records of activities with dates, pictures, and other pertinent data... 


An advisor will be selected or made available to assist and supervise the recipient in good beekeeping practices. Parents are encouraged to join WCABA to support and promote the recipient and the program.

Review the scholarship form below and apply!

Click on the pdf icon below to see the Scholarship Application


Scholarship Award Winners
Gigi Muniu (16) - Liberty Hill, TX
Justine Peterson (14) - Austin, TX
Anabella Su (12) - Georgetown, TX
Caiya Wars (12). -  Georgetown, TX
Max McDonald (15) - Leander, TX
Naaman  Gunter (13) - Georgetown, TX

Emily Griffis – Granger, TX

Aydon Guevara – Cameron, TX

Sterling Kinghorn – Round Rock, TX

Garrett Rogers – Temple, TX 


Quinn Bramwell – Cedar Park, TX
Bailey Brett – Georgetown, TX
Reece Brett  – Georgetown, TX
Eli Crozier – Florence, TX 


Ryan Doleva – Georgetown, TX

Carter Fojtic – Austin, TX

Levi Hoskins – Jonestown, TX

Alessandro Talentino  – Dale, TX 


Sam Bingham – Round Rock, TX

Dylan Roberts – Georgetown, TX

Carter Selvera – Bertram, TX

Jerald Swain – Lampasas, TX

Marius Talentino – Dale, TX (131)

2016  (30-year anniversary)

Jordan Heivilin – Lampasas, TX

Mia Koepp - Leander, TX

Laurel Morris – Leander, TX

Sebastian Urban – Georgetown, TX

Michael Wheeler – Pflugerville, TX 



Annalisa (Lissy) Martinez – Georgetown, TX

Jeffrey Whitworth – Bastrop, TX

Claire Birdwell – Copperas Cove, TX 


Quentin Irey – Hutto, TX

Emma Wall – Leander, TX

Elise Gardner – Austin, TX

Cora Schell – Round Rock, TX

Christian Rogers – Temple, TX

Daniel Morris – Leander, TX 


Taylor Foight – Manor, TX

Jordan Elizabeth Foight – Manor, TX

Grace Hilscher – Round Rock, TX

Aaron Brockett – Copperas Cove, TX

Sam Latham – Thrall, TX


Callie Herring – Briggs, TX

Jennifer Youngblood – Liberty Hill, TX

Payton Bauer –Hutto, TX

Will Hilscher – Round Rock, TX


Laura Lee Blackburn – Lakeway, TX

Natalie Eve Cruz – Austin, TX

Leslie Tucker –Belton, TX

Isaiah Perusek – Copperas Cove, TX

Joseph Nemec – Taylor, TX

Abishal Mark Gundy – Manor, TX (103)


Rebekah Jones – Spicewood, TX

Josiah Youngblood – Liberty Hill, TX

Bailey Franklin –Georgetown, TX

Angela Cox – Round Rock, TX

Solomon Schoder – Copland, TX


Colter T. Chase – Ft. Hood, TX

Paul D. Exley – Georgetown. TX

Jared Rutherford – Marble Falls, TX 


Caleb Jones – Spicewood, TX

Juliette Martin – Andice. TX

Jessica Martin – Andice, TX

Joseph Clarkson – Burnet, TX 



Noah C. Hartley – Adamsville, TX

Michael Holman  – Thrall. TX

Matthew Kohn – Florence, TX

Michael Tutor – Burnet, TX

Evan Tuuk – Austin, TX

Emily Tuuk  – Austin, TX 



Nathan Exley – Georgetown, TX

Kacey Hordnes – Oakalla, TX

Caleb Nicholson – Bartlett, TX 


Michael Castellano – Round Rock,TX

Aaron Lerma – Manor, TX

Ana Lerma – Manor, TX

Haven Medrano – Georgetown, TX


19862020: 34 years and 148 Scholarships


Nathan Exley – Georgetown, TX

Kacey Hordnes – Oakalla, TX

Caleb Nicholson – Bartlett, TX 


Michael Castellano – Round Rock,TX

Aaron Lerma – Manor, TX

Ana Lerma – Manor, TX

Haven Medrano – Georgetown, TX


Katelyn Heisch – Belton, TX

Lance Powell – Liberty Hill, TX

Lanie Robbins – Belton, TX

Daly Young – Elgin, TX


Joel Jorden –Round Rock,TX

James McCoy – Liberty Hill, TX

Caleb Oakley – Mustang Ridge, TX

John Sivells – Marble falls, TX


Meghan Cantlon – Marble Falls, TX

Blake Matheny – Jerrell, TX

Lydia Miller – Marble Falls, TX


Thomas Moore – Elgin, TX

Joshua Oakley - Mustang Ridge, TX

Naaman Tatroe – Throndale, TX


Caleb Cheatheam – Georgetown, TX

Matthew Correa – Georgetown, TX

Nathanael Hein – Georgetown, TX

Christi Imken – Round Rock, TX

JoLynn Reeves – Buchanan Dam, TX


Adam Hebert – Georgetown, TX

Dorothy Rowland – Burnet, TX

Evan Thomas – Georgetown, TX


Duncan Adams – Austin, TX

Sarah Barber – Georgetown, TX

Joshua Margason – McDade, TX

Nathan Pohlmeyer – Round Rock, TX

Ben Rowland – Burnet, TX

Joshua Tatroe – Thorndale, TX


Rebecca Barber – Georgetown, TX

Amy Dobbs – Taylor, TX

Marshall Malec – Round Rock,TX

Luke Secora – Leander, TX


Nathan Goodfellow  – Cedar Park, TX

Jonathan and Nicolas Leloux  – Georgetown, TX
Sarah and Melissa Clyburn – Georgetown, TX
Andy and Dathan Bennett  – Round Rock, TX 


Amy Elizabeth Cone  – Austin, TX 

Matthew Goodfellow – Leander, TX

Charissa Imken  – Round Rock, TX

Jeremy Russell – Cedar Park, TX

Katie Ray – Hutto, TX



Nowa and Michael Williams – Austin, TX

Stephen Windsor – Cedar Park, TX



Jeremy Evans - Loga Vista, TX

David Martin  - Cedar Park, TX

Hanson Nowak  – Georgetown, TX 


T. J. Brown – Cedar Park, TX 

Paul Burton – Hutto, TX

Camren Cheline  – Anderson Mill (Austin), TX

1991 (20)

John Marion

Patrick Richter

Kevin Svetlik



Jonathan Mayer - Walburg. TX 

Jessica Regner - Georgetown, TX

David Steger - Round Rock, TX

Karen Webb - Copperas Cove, TX

Marlene Wingo – Georgetown, TX


Sherlyn Almazan - Taylor, TX

Marc Beherec

Brad Jackson

Jake Scott



Zachary Baker

Chris Duncan

Kevin Krienke – Round Rock, TX

Jimmy McPherren – Copperas Cove, TX

Stoney Williams


A. P. Pundt 

Jimmy Weill


Todd Madden – Liberty Hill, TX


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