The Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association's mission is to promote beekeeping in Williamson County and surrounding areas. The WCABA mission is also to act on behalf of the beekeepers and the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the beekeeping industry.

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Wanted: Bees...

Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives?  Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?

-  Casey Pezold has 17 acres in Liberty Hill and would love to dedicate one of their fields to bees.  They know nothing about beekeeping and can provide the land to someone interested in raising bees.  They are interested in getting an Ag exemption. Contact:
Posted 5/19

-  Lynn Kelch in Lampasas has 100 

acres and would love to have bees on his property.   Anyone in the area looking for a place to raise bees, contact him.  He is on 195 between Killeen and Florence.

Posted 5/19

- Cindy Villarrreal  has property  near Thrall, Texas.  She has a 10 acre ranch and is interested in leasing bees.  
Contact email:  Posted May 2019

-  Marilyn Tibbit has 12 acres on land on the outskirts of Coupland, bordering Brushy Creek.  She has about an acre or so of  bee friendly plants and fruit trees.  She in interested in finding beekeepers who need land for their hives and would maintain them so she can qualify for Ag exemption.  
Phone 512-365-0002 after 5 pm Monday-Thursday or anytime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Email:

Posted May 2019

-. Tina Perry at has 38 acres between Georgetown and Florence off of Highway 195.  She is looking for someone to place hives on her property.  Posted Sept. 2019

-  Douglas Gattis is look for someone to place bees on his property in Jonah Texas.

16 Acres with many wild flowers, honey suckle and many flowering trees.  .  Posted 11/2020


-   I have 15 acres 1 mile SE from the intersection of FM 971 and Texas 130. This property is about 5 minutes east of downtown Georgetown. The property is farm land with about 20 trees and very little other brush. I have been harvesting coastal bermuda hay off of it. I usually have sunflowers that grow on it. I will plant any vegetation needed to produce pollen. I have a commercial water system. 

Please contact Tim Wright, 512-635-7202 or email

- Lana looking for someone to raise bees on her property. The address is 1300 CR 236 Florence Texas.  We have a little over 11 acres.   There are a lot of cedar trees.   We dont have our home built yet just starting all the beginning phases.   There are no ponds or water on the property.  Posted 1/2020

For Sale Bee Supplies...

(Ads remain on site for 6 months unless you tell us otherwise)


  Supplies (used):  Due to allergic reaction to bee stings we can no longer raise bees.   

Hive body w/9 frames, Med super,  inner cover, outer cover, 3 Boardman feeders, queen excluder, smoker w/fuel, 2 bee veils, pair of gloves, 3 screen boards, First Lessons in Bookkeeping book $145.  512-826-9470 Contact Mary Michael Layden at

Posted 10/2019



Beehive and Bee colony supplies

4/2019: I was given several medium boxs. Some have 8 frames & some have 10. I am interested in bartering & or buying.the equipment (broodbox, bottom board etc.) that I need to have an entire beehive and eventually a colony. I am located outside of Liberty Hill. My name is Israel, phone # is 512 797-0224,  

Bee Display  for  Owl's Hill Santuary
April 2019: Hi! Owl's Hill is a sanctuary located in Brentwood. We have partnered with Jim Primus for several years as he has provided us with a display hive for educational programming. He is retiring and we are looking to find someone who would be interested in working with us. Please call 615 370 4672 or email at with any information.
Thank you, 
Julie Eperjesi, Director of Education.