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Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives?  Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?














  Hardin Camp II has 10.5 acres between Georgetown & Florence on 195.  It has a pond, a lot of wildflowers and some mesquite.  Rural and no- one lives nearby. Open area with nothing to bother them.  Hardin is looking for Ag exemption.  Contact hardincamp@gmail.com  Posted 5/2020

  16 acres available for beekeepers in the Salado area.  Stillhouse lake is 2 mi. away.  Stock tanks nearby.  A lot of wildflowers. No cedar on the property.  No nearby neighbors.  Wanting ag. exemption. Contact Jon Locklin at 254-899-5665  Posted 5/20

Name: Gloria Wright

Email: dennenwrightappraisal@gmail.com

Subject: Bee Hives on my property.

Message: Hi I live in Thorndale, Williamson County and I am looking for a reputable beekeeper to use 5 acres of my land for beekeeping. Do you know anyone that might be interested? Please contact me at the email above or at 512-736-4559 Thank you  Posted 5/20



             For Sale

Bees for Sale:

Complete hives: Single Deeps $350

Medium Singles: $350

Nuc Hives $265

  Uses only organic miticides. Will help set up and inspect for a small fee.  $100 deposit per hive is non-refundable. Email:  einaustin@gmail.com







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