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Landowners looking for Beekeepers!

Looking to partner with someone who has land where you can park your hives?  Where there will be a mutual benefit for both parties?













   I have 15 acres 1 mile SE from the intersection of FM 971 and Texas 130. This property is about 5 minutes east of downtown Georgetown. The property is farm land with about 20 trees and very little other brush. I have been harvesting coastal bermuda hay off of it. I usually have sunflowers that grow on it. I will plant any vegetation needed to produce pollen. I have a commercial water system. 

Please contact Tim Wright, 512-635-7202 or email treemantim1945@gmail.com

  Lanaaellis@gmail.com Lana looking for someone to raise bees on her property. The address is 1300 CR 236 Florence Texas.  We have a little over 11 acres.   There are a lot of cedar trees.   We dont have our home built yet just starting all the beginning phases.   There are no ponds or water on the property.  Posted 1/2020


Email: kenneth.business@youens.org

Subject: land for bees

   I recently bought 12 acres in Georgetown on the San Gabriel. Six acres of the land has an ag valuation. I’m wondering if one of your members might like to place and maintain six hives on my land. I’d ask nothing in return except for help maintaining my ag valuation (and maybe a jar of honey every now and then!). Is this something you could help me with? The land was previously owned by Rusty and Lael Winkstern, and I believe one of your members previously kept bees there under a similar arrangement. Thanks- Kenneth Youens.   Posted 2/2020



Subject: We have a acreage,, hives, jar’s and other equipment. Looking for someone who wants to manage the bees.  Looking for someone who wants to manage the bees. Last year we got to active hives from my brother in Brenham for my son to manage. Sadly he did not do a good job and the bees are gone. I am out of town a lot with ailing parents in Fort Worth and grandchildren in Houston so I do not want to manage them. I grew up with bees on my parents property and love having them around in the wonderful things they do for the environment. Thanks, I hope there’s someone in your organization wanting to manage more hives. Also I would not mind if someone wanted to add more hives to the property I hope there’s someone in your organization wanting to manage more hives. Also I would not mind if someone wanted to add more hives to our property thanks Evie 512-470-5428   Posted 2/20


  We have 7+ acres out in Florence and are wondering if you can help us find someone to maintain bees on our property. We would like them for the purpose of applying for an ag exemption and to help the bee population in general.

 It is 7 acres with some woods and some open land as well. We have lots of wildflowers in the spring. We do have a wet weather small creek when it rains a lot and there is a pond on the property behind us.faith0428@gmail.com   Posted 3/2020

  Hardin Camp II has 10.5 acres between Georgetown & Florence on 195.  It has a pond, a lot of wildflowers and some mesquite.  Rural and no- one lives nearby. Open area with nothing to bother them.  Hardin is looking for AG exemption.  Contact hardincamp@gmail.com  Posted 5/2020

  16 acres available for beekeeper in the Salado area.  Stillhouse lake is 2 mi. away.  Stock tanks nearby.  Lot of wildflowers. No cedar on the property.  No nearby neighbors.  Wanting ag. exemption. Contact Jon Locklin at 254-899-5665


Additional landowner's looking for beekeepers

Name: Gloria Wright

Email: dennenwrightappraisal@gmail.com

Subject: Bee Hives on my property.

Message: Hi I live in Thorndale, , Williamson County and I am looking for a reputable bee keeper to use 5 acres of my land for bee keeping. Do you know anyone that might be interested? Please contact me at the email above or at 512-736-4559 Thank you










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1 Dadant Little Wonder Hand Extractor 2 frame Model #M00396 (Does not have a stand) Only used two or three times. In excellent condition

1 Dadant uncapping plastic Tub (barely used)

1 XL Bee Suit, Hat and Gloves

1 Walter T. Kelly Speed King Electric uncapping Knife

1 Kelly Steel smoker and Shield

8 Glass Antique Bottles for Honey

12 one pound plastic Jars with lids for Honey

21 two pound plastic jars

Stacks of Plastic trays for comb honey

2 lids for a super and 1 bottom tray

$425 for all of the above.

Michel Garvie







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