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The purpose of the WCABA Mentor/Mentee program is to pair beekeepers who would like some "help", with beekeepers who would like to share their knowledge. Anyone can be a mentor, a mentee or both.


The WCABA covers a large area, so part of the process will be to try to pair people who live close to each other, to make it convenient for mentors.


Many times a question can be answered with a phone conversation.  Phone and/or online discussion is the first option and travel is the second.
It is sometimes helpful to take a picture of your hive problem and have it ready to show...  

While there is no cost to work with a mentor, an offer to help with
out-of-pocket costs, like travel, if distance is a factor, would be appreciated.

"Contact us"  to place your request for a mentor. We currently have a very small number of mentors.  Once your request is received it will be sent to our mentor group. As soon as possible, one of our mentors will contact you. 

Mentee Form (Copy and paste the form into your "contact us" email shown above.)

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