Mentor/Mentee Program

The purpose of the WCABA Mentor/Mentee program is to pair beekeepers who would like some "help" with beekeepers who would like to share their knowledge.

That relationship can be short term or long term. A mentee and a mentor can be paired for an extended period of time or a mentor can help with a specific topic or area of beekeeping on a short term basis. It could even be just a phone call to get specific advice or information

Our program is a way to pair those who want or need help or advice with those who are willing to share help or advice. Anyone can be a mentor, a mentee or both. The WCABA covers a large area, so part of the process will be to try to pair people who live close to each other to make it convenient for mentors.

While there is no cost to work with a mentor, an offer to help with out of pocket costs would probably be appreciated (though certainly not necessary or expected).

If you are interested in helping as a mentor, getting assistance as a mentee or both, please fill out the appropriate form (or both) and send it to Jennifer Shear, WCABA 102 Northcross Rd. Georgetown, 78628 Or you can FAX it to 512-863-7183 OR or you can bring it to our next meeting.

Once your application is received it will be entered into a database. If you are requesting a mentor, your application will be marked as inactive once you have been paired with a mentor. You can reactivate it at any time. If you are serving as a mentor, your application will remain active until you asked to be removed from the list of mentors. Simply notify the VP of the WCABA with your requests.

This is a pilot program for the WCABA so any suggestions for improvement are welcomed and hopefully, the program will become better and more streamlined as time goes by. 


Mentor Form

Mentee Form

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