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Constitution and Bylaws

Our Mission, Values and Objectives 


The Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association's mission is to promote beekeeping in Williamson County and surrounding areas. The WCABA mission is also to act on behalf of the beekeepers and the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the beekeeping industry.

The values we support include:
  • Serve as an information source to its members on those issues affecting beekeeping.

  • Support the future of beekeeping through a scholarship and mentoring program.

  • Work with Texas legislators in the best interests of beekeeping.

  • Provide information and resources to the local public to promote beekeeping.


The WCABA objectives are as follows:

1. Support the American Beekeeping Federation's efforts to work diligently through the self-policing program funded by the Honey Defense Fund to stop adulteration of honey and urges all its members to help in the fight against adulteration.

2. Foster the best possible relations with the general public and conduct their beekeeping operations to minimize the unnecessary exposure of the public to honey bees.

3. Members of the WCABA shall observe the state standards in their honey production and handling facilities and shall use only approved compounds, as labeled, to avoid the introduction of contaminants into honey in the hive or during collection, processing, and packaging.


4. The WCABA will cooperate with any other organizations when it is deemed that such cooperation will further the goals of the WCABA.


5. The WCABA, supports the adoption of policies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, state agriculture departments, counties and weed control districts to encourage the planting of legumes on set aside and marginal farmland, lands subject to erosion, and lands for wildlife habitat.


6. The WCABA works to maintain and expand its honey promotion efforts through support of the Texas Honey Queen Program and the National Honey Board. The WCABA urges its membership to support legislative efforts by providing financial assistance, whenever possible and by keeping their State and Congressional representatives apprised of the legislative issues of the beekeeping industry.


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