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What We Do

Pay Attention to Our Bees!


Watch what's going on outside with our bee hives!

Can't just set up the hives and leave them to take care of themselves,
can you? 
While you don't need to tend to them every day,
weekly or every other week is a good idea. 

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1. Weather: Every day, too hot, too cold, just right? Are my boxes warm enough, cool enough, what can I do to help?

2. Shortage of nectar-producing flowers:(nectar dearth). Do I need to plant some perennials to build up long-term nectar potential; What is the wildflower and flower power situation in my neighborhood? (Perennials are plants that once planted and established will keep flowering year after year.)

3. Sugar Syrup: Enough honey stores in each hive? Should I supplement the hive with sugar syrup? Do I need to supplement pollen? Pollen feeder,
pollen patties?

4. Water: Do the bees have a constant source of unpolluted clean water? 
Ponds, streams, tanks, bird baths, chicken feeders filled with water.

5. Clean environment, NO pesticides: What are the neighbors doing in their yards? Do neighbors know you have bees? It might be time for some
"Bee Education". 

Is it time to "split" hives. Order new queens?  Queens only live 2-3 years.

A few things to consider, so maybe take a class?  

7. Every other week or monthly its time for a hive inspection:  Do I have enough fuel for my smoker? Am I ready to suit up and go check out my
bee hives? 

8. Hive inspection: Do I see honey, pollen, eggs, capped brood, is the pattern good? How much of each? Is the hive sweet or aggressive?  Can I find the queen? Are the frames filled with honey and brood, do I need to add a super or deep box? 

9. Hive pests: In the hive inspection do I see any sign of Hive Beatle, Wax Moth, Varroa Mite or Foul Brood damage? Is it time to treat for any or all of
these pests? (Research time...)

10. Harvest HoneyIs there enough honey to harvest, is it time to harvest? What equipment will I need? Supplies? What is the best way to do this?

What We Do For Members!


  • Provide a network for beekeepers

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Active Board of Directors

  • Speakers...Beekeeping topics and discussion at each monthly meeting

  • Facilitate Mentoring

  • Bee(s) Nucs and queens for purchase, January and February
    at great prices (April Delivery)


  • Upon request, loan out to members WCABA extractors and extraction equipment (2-3 days)
    harvest honey

  • Use of the club wax melter

  • Use of the club two-man hive lifter

  • Use of the club refractometer

  • Free Texas Beekeepers Association membership for 1st-year members

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