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Swarms and extractions (or bee removal)


Contact us if you see a swarm in a tree or bush or have a need for bee extraction (bee removal).  
Your request will be submitted to a group of club members that do extractions.
Please provide details when you contact us. 

Note:  There may be a fee for an extraction.  


What is a swarm?   

A swarm is a group of bees that leave their hive with the old queen to found a new colony. 
Often a swarm will be clustered in a tree or bush for a period of time.
We call this swarming. Swarming is the natural progression of a healthy hive.

Classically, swarming happens when about half the hive splits off from the rest and goes to make their own, separate hive.  It's how bees increase their population.  One hive becomes two.

What is an extraction? 
You need to find a "bee person" (rather than an exterminator) to extract and remove bees from a location.

This is where bees are in a location that may be problematic for you and you want them removed, for example, a hive in your home, garage, a tree in your yard. Bees are beneficial to our environment, they pollinate our wildflowers, crops, flower and vegetable gardens. With expert help, most of the time, they can be "extracted" and moved to a new location away from your home. They can then continue to pollinate and provide benefit to the environment, a good solution!


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